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Discover the unique patterns that are tailor-made especially for you. Whether you are looking for a striking design for your interior, an exclusive print for your garment or a special pattern for your art project, we have it for you. Unleash your creativity and discover the endless possibilities that our custom-made patterns offer. Each design is unique and carefully crafted to meet your every need. Be inspired by our collection and create something special with our beautiful patterns.

Patterns by Anouk Schoormans designs sewing patterns based on your measurements, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your unique figure.

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"Each piece feels tailor-made, as if it was made especially for me."
"I used to struggle with standard sizes that never seemed to fit quite right. But since I started buying clothes with your perfectly fitting patterns, my whole experience with clothes has changed."
"Your clothing patterns have exceeded all my expectations."

About me

I am Anouk Schoormans. I have been making my own clothes all my life. I get a lot of satisfaction from making my own clothes and I get a lot of positive reactions to the clothes I make. I also have years of experience in drawing patterns. In addition to making and designing clothing, I have knowledge and experience with various computer languages. This combination of knowledge and experience has allowed me to start On my website I offer patterns of clothing that fits comfortably. On my website I offer patterns of garments that are comfortable and tailor-made. All you have to do is enter different body measurements. This way everyone gets their own personalized pattern. Do you have questions or comments and would you like to contact us? Send me an email
Anouk Schoormans
Anouk Schoormans


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